CC2018 – Auction

Player auction for the 2018 Canada Cup will take place at 7 pm on Friday, Jun 27rd 2018. Live updates from the event will be provided on this page.

The bidding process will start with players being randomly picked from two pools – first pool will include all players with base price of 400 points and the second pool will include all other players. Some additional information regarding the auction is listed below:

  • Total Teams – 6
  • Max players per team – 15
  • Total players available for auction – 78
  • Max points available for each team – 8000

Live Updates

This list updates with the status messages as players are auctioned.

All players sold at the auction are included in the list below, grouped by their roles and their Canada Cup Teams.

This list includes all players that are pending for auction.

This list includes all players that went unsold at the auction.