Rules and Regulations

Disciplinary Code of Conduct

No cell (mobile) phones to be used in the Ground during the game by any member whatsoever. Please do so in the official “Lunch Time” or “Drinks Break” announced by the Umpires for both teams, it’ll save all players a lot of quality time an also the momentum of the game will not be lost.

Every team must take care of their own garbage and/or recycling. Any team, player or supporter found responsible for littering on or around the field, will face severe penalties or suspension.

Calgary 20/20 Cricket Association is dedicated to providing a safe, ethical and friendly playing environment to all of the players, umpires and volunteers that are participating in the league. All the members of the league are expected to uphold appropriate standards of behavior and to respect the rights and privileges of others.The conduct of the members of Calgary 20/20 Cricket Association is of utmost concern because the conduct negatively impacts the organization’s image. This code of conduct applies to all the members participating in the league. In all instances of a misconduct, where a member of the league is found guilty after following a fair procedure, the sanction imposed will be as shown below.

No players and/or umpires are allowed to consume any Alcoholic beverages, drugs and/or smoke cigarettes on the field during play. Any member of the league found guilty of the above listed offense will be issued a written warning by the league. Furthermore; a fine of $100.00 must be paid by the player found guilty. If the same player is found guilty of committing the same offense the second time, he shall be suspended from the league for a minimum period of 4 weeks and shall pay the league a fine amount of $200.00.

As the MCG is surrounded by residential areas, no player should be changing into their uniforms in the open. If required to change at the MCG, please do so inside your vehicle.

Please use the league provided portable toilet for all washroom breaks. Players or supporters found guilty of peeing in the open, will face severe penalties or suspension.

Parking is only permitted in designated areas. ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING in the back alley at south end of the ground. NO PARKING beyond the garbage bin located south end to the ground. You are free to park on the East and North side of the ground along the curb side. Please do not block driveways of residents around the ground. We encourage to use the parking lot right beside the school.

Violence Offered: In the event any member of any team is found guilty of threatening any member on and off the field, he shall be suspended from the league for a minimum period of 8 weeks. Furthermore; a fine of $100.00 must be paid by the member found guilty and an additional fine amount of $200.00 will be imposed on the captain of the team.

Violence Given: In the event any member of any team is found guilty of physical abuse of any member on and off the field, he shall be suspended from the league for minimum 2 calendar years and the league reserves the rights of filing criminal charges against the concerned party. Furthermore; a fine of $500.00 and/or sanctions against the club will be imposed.

Dissent, Foul Language and/or Inappropriate Conduct: In the event any playing or non-playing member of the league is found guilty if the above, he will be suspended from the league for a period of 2 games. Furthermore; a fine of $100.00 must be paid by the penalized member to the league in order to be eligible to play again. Second offense will lead to a permanent dismissal from league. Persistent or Aggravated Dissent: Under no circumstances can a player argue with the umpire by challenging his decision. If a certain player is found guilty of the above stated offense, he will be suspended for minimum 4 games. Furthermore; a fine of $100.00 must be paid by the penalized member to the league in order to be eligible to play again. Violence Offered: In the event any member of any team is found guilty of threatening the umpire, he shall be suspended from the league for a period of 8 weeks. Furthermore; a fine of $100.00 must be paid by the member found guilty and an additional fine amount of $200.00 will be imposed on the captain of the team. NOTE: If umpire is unfair with his decision towards a particular member or the entire team, then the captain of the team concerned must submit a written complaint to the league and the league will take appropriate actions to resolve the situation.

Any member of the league that is found guilty of not wearing the uniform provided by the league will not be allowed to participate in the ongoing game. If the league committee is not present during the game, it becomes the responsibility of the team captain to ensure that all its playing members are wearing the correct uniforms. In the event the captain of the team lets the player without proper uniform participate in the ongoing game, the captain of the team will be fined $100.00 for the first offense. The fine amount for every offense reported thereafter shall be doubled.

A team captain will be held responsible for allowing any UNREGISTERED player to participate in a game. If guilty, the team captain will be suspended for a period of minimum 2 playing games. Also, a fine of $100.00 will be imposed on the club. Game points will be given to other team. Every suspension is followed by a Probationary period, by default equal to the length of the suspension. The executive may alter the length of the probation. For any second incidence of Misconduct within 12 month period, all suspensions shall double. A third case of Misconduct within the same 12 months results in all suspensions doubling again i.e. 4 times those stated above.

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Teams can register in the League by paying a membership of $2,000.00 for the whole calendar year for a 20 member team. Team captain will be responsible for the concerned matters regarding membership fees and also for the personal information of the players of that particular team. Membership fees paid by all individuals (any fine payments) and teams will be used for ground maintenance, administration, cricket balls, trophies, and other costs incurred solely for the improvement and better future of the League and its members.

All players representing a team during the playoffs for the current season, should have played at least 6 games for the same team during the round robin stage of the current season. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE ALLOWED TO THIS RULE.

Any team found in violation of this rule, will be deemed automatically disqualified, even if the match has been completed.

A player can only be traded from one team to another with the written consent of the league and the team captains. If a team would like to acquire any given player from another team’s roster, that team shall in return meet the demand of the team from whom they would like to acquire a new player to add to their roster. Upon mutual consent between the two (or more) teams involved in the trade, a written request must be submitted to the league administration for further approvals. All this has to be performed within the first 3 scheduled games of the season (including washout’s and default’s). Any requests made to the league after the above stated period is void. Upon the completion of the above, a trade will be legalized.

If  players decide to play in a different team, all dues should be paid in full to their previous team(s) (if players owe any).

Please note that the team standings at the end of the current regular season i.e. excluding playoffs, will determine the groups for the next season.

Teams with odd numbered rankings (1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11) will compete in Group 1 and teams with even numbered rankings (2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and12) will compete in Group 2.

Any new teams joining for the next season will be ranked last after all remaining teams have divided into their respective groups.

Each participating team in the league must provide a team roster of a maximum of 20 players. A minimum of 15 players should be registered by 5 pm on the second Friday before the start of the season. The remaining 5 players should be registered no later than 5 pm on the Friday before the first scheduled game.

No changes will be permitted under any circumstances once the season has started.

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Schedule will be provided by the League administration prior to the start of the season. Each team will be allotted a ‘Home’ and an ‘Away’ status for the games throughout the season. Each team will play a total of 22 matches during a given season.3 games will be played on each Saturday and 3 on each Sunday.

Game 1
09:00 to 12:15
Game 2
12:30 to 15:45
Game 3
16:00 to 19:15

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Equipment and Attire

Balls for all league games will be provided by the League. One new ball will be used for each innings. The team captain of the fielding team is responsible the ball used during the game to be submitted to the League.

Batsmen facing all type of bowling, wicketkeepers standing up to the wicket and fielders standing closer than eight yards from the batsman’s middle stump – except behind the wicket on the off side, MUST WEAR A HELMET (WITH FACE GRILL) AT ALL TIMES. There are other protective equipment which must be worn for your safety, such as guard, thigh pad, elbow pad etc… (personal choice/responsibility).

Umpires have full authorization to suspend an player from an ongoing game, if helmet is not worn as per requirements above!!! 

It is required for each playing member of the league to wear all the safety equipment provided to each team during the duration of a game. This includes the usage of safety equipment such as Helmet with a Visor, Abdominal Guard, Protective Padding and Gloves (While Batting, Fielding & Keeping the Wickets). Due to hygienic concerns, each player shall use their personal batting guards while batting. It is MANDATORY for every batsman to wear a helmet. Umpires WILL NOT allow a player to bat without a helmet irrespective of the bowling attack.

Uniforms will not be provided by the league. Each team is responsible for their players to wear the same uniform (with the league logo) while participating in a match.

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CT20 Rules

Every team must complete their 20 overs in their allotted time of 90 minutes. All games must start on the scheduled time. If for any reason game starts later than scheduled time, over limits will be reduced in order to finish the game within time limits.

THE 20TH OVER SHOULD START BEFORE THE ALLOTTED 90 MINUTES HAVE EXPIRED FOR THE INNINGS. The following shall apply in situations where the innings is delayed by a participating team.

For a team bowling first, 1 over will be deducted from their batting innings for every 5 minutes of delay caused by them
For a team bowling second, 6 runs will be awarded to the batting team for every 5 minutes of delay caused by them
For a batting team, 6 runs will be deducted from their total for every 5 minutes of delay caused by them

Umpires will have the full authority to assign relevant penalties.

The following shall be followed while making the field placements during the game:

  1. At the instant of delivery, there shall be no more than five fieldsmen on the leg side.
  2. For the first 6 overs of each innings, only two fieldsmen are permitted to be outside an area bounded by two semi-circles centered on each middle stump (each with a radius of 30 yards).
  3. For the remaining overs of the innings, only five fields are permitted to be outside the fielding circle at the instant of delivery.

Upon the completion of the first innings, a 10 minute interval will be provided prior to commencing the second inning. The interval time will remain the same irrespective of the team batting first being bowled out inside of their allotted 20 over limit.

No bowler may bowl more than 4 overs during an innings (full 20 overs game). This can be changed in case of reduced game (due to weather).

The NRR for a team will be calculated using the following formula. Please note that in the event a team is bowled out before the allotted 20 overs, the NRR will be calculated using the number of overs played by the team.

( Runs Scored ÷ Overs Faced ) – ( Runs Against ÷ Overs Bowled )

The umpire shall call a No Ball for the following scenarios

  1. Front Foot
    • The heel of the bowler’s front foot lands on or in front of the popping crease (the front line of the batting crease)
    • However, the front foot can be raised over the line as long as the heel does not go beyond the popping crease
  2. The bowler’s back foot is touching or outside the return crease. (NOT FRONT FOOT)
  3. A full toss – a ball which does not bounce – from a seam bowler reaches the batsman at waist height
    • However, a waist-high full toss is permissible from a slower bowler, as long as it does not go above the batsman’s shoulder. If it does, then the umpire will call a no-ball
  4. The bowler does not notify the umpire of a change in their mode of delivery. So if a player says they are a right-arm bowler to the umpire and then bowls left-arm, the umpire shall call a no ball
  5. The umpire believes the bowler is throwing the ball
    • This applies even when the bowler throws the ball to the striker’s end before entering their delivery stride. (Bowling Action)
  6. If the ball bounces more than twice before it reaches the batsman, or rolls along the ground towards him
  7. The ball stops in front of the batsman without having reached the bat
  8. If the wicketkeeper encroaches beyond the stumps before the ball has been struck by the batsman or has passed the stumps
  9. More than two fielders are positioned on the leg side behind square
  10. The umpire deems the bowler to be bowling dangerously and unfairly

Winning team will be awarded 2 points. In the event of a washout without the minimum overs being bowled, both the participating teams will be awarded 1 point each. In such a scenario if the game is part of Canada Cup or United Cup playoffs, the game will be continued (from the same stage) on a reserve day. In all other washout or interruption scenarios, the regular DLS rules will apply.

If a team gets disqualified for a game, their opponent team gets awarded 2 points.

The League point table is sorted by Points and then NRR (up to 3 decimal places). In case the NRR (up to 3 decimal places) for two teams is exactly the same the head to head record will be examined. In the event the head to head record matches as well, the entire NRR value will be used (without the restriction on 3 decimal values) to determine the qualifying team.

At the end of the season, the top 3 teams from each group will compete in the playoffs as per the following format.

1st Qtr Final
Eagles (3) Vs StarXI (6)
Sat Aug 24, 2019 – 10:30
2nd Qtr Final
Gladiators (4) Vs Punjabi Royals (5)
Sat Aug 24, 2019 – 14:30
1st Semi Final
Super Titans (1) Vs Winner of 1st Qtr Final
Sat Aug 31, 2019 – 10:30
2nd Semi Final
Spartans (2) Vs Winner of 2nd Qtr Final
Sat Aug 31, 2019 – 14:30
Winner of 1st Semi Final Vs Winner of 2nd Semi Final
Sun Sep 1, 2019 – 12:00
Reserve Days for Playoffs
Sat Sep 7, Sun Sep 8, 2019

A bowler shall be limited to only one above the shoulder short pitch delivery per over.

In the event of a tie the following rules will apply for a SUPER OVER

  1. Each team decides a bowler to bowl and three batsmen to bat during one over named as the super over. The same ball used in the match will be used in super over.
  2. The team batting second in the match will bat first in the super over.
  3. Team A will score some runs in the first over and team B needs to chase it successfully to win the match. In case, it is unable to chase, team A wins. 3. In case scores are level, the team hitting maximum sixes in the match will win. If its also same, the teams with maximum fours win the match.
  4. In case two wickets fell, it is counted as all-out and the total made before loosing the wicket is final.
  5. No field restrictions are used which means the field setting are same as the non-powerplay overs. So, 5 fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle. Fielder in catching position is not required.

In the event of weather preventing the possibility of play, all playing players are recommended to standby as there is a possibility for shorter game. A minimum of 6 overs per team is required for the game to be deemed completed.


In the event of a game being washed out without the minimum overs bowled, both playing teams will be awarded one point each. This will apply even if no overs have been bowled. No reserve days are allowed for match to be completed during a later stage.

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Umpire’s decision will be final, and any contradictions shall be dealt with according to the disciplinary code of conduct.


Umpiring will be done by the experienced cricket players. Each team shall provide names of a minimum of 6 players that will be responsible for umpiring. Two match umpires are to be provided by the team that is not participating in the ongoing game (i.e. a neutral team).The team captain is responsible for informing the League of any changes to the umpiring 1 week prior to a scheduled match. The team captain must provide the names of the 2 umpires that will stand in an upcoming match at least 3 days prior to the scheduled date.

Umpires should NOT be changed during a game. If a change is required, only one umpire from the starting pair can be absent at a given time. The substitute umpires are ONLY allowed to stand is as a Leg Umpire.

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***The executive committee of Calgary 20/20 Cricket Association has the authority to make amendments to this document as the need arise without any notice.***