FAQ Category: Equipment and Attire

Player Safety

It is required for each playing member of the league to wear all the safety equipment provided to each team during the duration of a game. This includes the usage of safety equipment such as Helmet with a Visor, Abdominal Guard, Protective Padding and Gloves (While Batting, Fielding & Keeping the Wickets). Due to hygienic concerns, each player shall use their personal batting guards while batting. It is MANDATORY for every batsman to wear a helmet. Umpires WILL NOT allow a player to bat without a helmet irrespective of the bowling attack.

Personal Protective Equipment

Batsmen facing all type of bowling, wicketkeepers standing up to the wicket and fielders standing closer than eight yards from the batsman’s middle stump – except behind the wicket on the off side, MUST WEAR A HELMET (WITH FACE GRILL) AT ALL TIMES. There are other protective equipment which must be worn for your safety, such as guard, thigh pad, elbow pad etc… (personal choice/responsibility).

Umpires have full authorization to suspend an player from an ongoing game, if helmet is not worn as per requirements above!!! 


Balls for all league games will be provided by the League. One new ball will be used for each innings. The team captain of the fielding team is responsible the ball used during the game to be submitted to the League.


Uniforms will not be provided by the league. Each team is responsible for their players to wear the same uniform (with the league logo) while participating in a match.